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New Features

Vue I18n v9 offers not only Vue 3 support, but this version also is included new features.

Message format syntax

Message functions

Composition API

See the Composition API advanced section

Translation Component

Support for plural prop. You can specify the number of messages to be pluralized.

The below example:

  <i18n-t keypath="message.plural" :plural="count">
    <template #n>
      <b>{{ count }}</b>

import { useI18n } from 'vue-i18n'

export default {
  setup() {
    const { t } = useI18n({
      locale: 'en',
      messages: {
        en: {
          message: {
            plural: 'no bananas | {n} banana | {n} bananas'
    const count = ref(0)

    return { count, t }

DatetimeFormat Component

For Datetime localization, since Vue I18n v9, we also offer the DatetimeFormat component like the NumberFormat component.

See the Datetime localization custom formatting

i18n Custom Block