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This is a starting learning tutorial on Vue 3 + TypeScript, suitable for complete Vue novices and Vue 2 veterans, incorporating some of my own practical experience on the basis of official documents.

这是一个关于 Vue 3 + TypeScript 的入门学习指南,适合完全的 Vue 新手和 Vue 2 的老手,在官方文档的基础上融入自己的一些实践经验。

Vue3 入门指南与实战案例




I do not intend to literally translate or copy various official materials, because sooner or later the official websites of each ecology will have a Chinese version, and there is no problem with Google translation now, and there is no need.

I don't intend to summarize the various changes brought about by the version upgrade, because many people have written summary articles.

I mainly record some problems and solutions in the process of building the project, as well as some bugs how to fix. Although the official said that it can be smoothly upgraded, there are still many problems found in the coding process, and they continue to be during the process. Continue to type a bunch of notes and code snippets, but scattered, take this opportunity to organize them.

并不打算直译或者照搬官方的各种资料,因为各个生态的官网迟早都会有中文版,何况现在通过 Google 翻译也问题不大,没什么必要。


我主要是记录一些在构建项目过程中的问题点和解决方案,以及一些踩坑的地方,虽然官方说能够平滑升级,但在 coding 的过程中发现问题还是不少,期间陆陆续续打了一堆笔记和代码片段,但零零散散的,借此机会整理起来。


This is the first time I have written this kind of article. If there is something I didn’t say clearly or is wrong, please help me to put it forward. You can submit a comment directly or go to the warehouse. You can submit issues/discussions.

If you think it is helpful to you, please give encouragement to Star.

这是我第一次写此类文章,如果有什么我没说清楚,或者有误的,辛苦帮忙提出来,文章最后都添加了评论功能,关联到仓库的 issue ,直接提交评论或者到仓库里提 issue / discussions 都可以。

如果觉得对你有帮助,欢迎给个 Star 鼓励。


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